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Our Vision

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Our Commitment 


At Pro-Design Group, our commitment is to provide the highest quality plastic packaging products and the best customer service. Our products are designed for easy transportation, storage, and ease of use. Our company name, "Liang Qi 良器", literally means “fine product” in Chinese.



Our Core Values 


Integrity, Quality, and Customers” are our three core values at Pro-Design. Our goal is to create long-term win-win customer relationships by pursuing customer satisfaction, innovative product design, and strong employee engagement. 


Pro-Design Group strives for perpetual improvements in quality. Our R&D department continues to push the design limits of our plastic containers to make our products more user- and environmentally-friendly. 




1. Our containers are designed for effortless opening and resealing, extending product life.  


2. Our containers are designed to be robust in storage, stacking, and shipping.  


3. We are dedicated to developing greater impact-resistance and durability, leak-proof body and seals, and material-saving structural designs.  




Pro-Design Group offers competitive prices without sacrificing any functionality or quality.  


1. We never cease in our pursuit for more economical product designs.  


2. By improving the technology and adjusting operating parameters, Pro Design continues to increase production efficiency and an already high yield rate. 


3. Economies of scale are achieved through our large market share. Our customers consequently receive much more attractive prices and achieve increased competitiveness in the market.  


Our Business Philosophy


Our business philosophy can be described by the following concepts: “Sincerity”, “Diligence, “Wisdom”, “Rationality”, and “Innovation.” 


1. Sincerity is the attitude held by Pro-Design employees, ensuring the company is operated by responsible, sincere, and trustworthy individuals in pursuit of our long-term business sustainability.  


2. Diligence is expected from every Pro-Design employee. We encourage hard work and self-inspired action to increase individual contribution. Employees are held accountable for the achievement of their personal goals, and Pro-Design helps employees align individual aspirations with corporate goals.   


3. Wisdom lies in employee conscientiousness, ensuring resources are not wasted, and that correct work procedures are carried out to achieve better efficiency and results.


4. Rationality and critical thinking is our common language. To stay innovative and maintain a lively work environment, Pro-Design encourages its employees to have lively, impactful discussions with their supervisors. Customers therefore receive the most competitive quotes from Pro-Design. Unreasonable mark-up is never acceptable in our sales department.


5. Innovation is our everlasting goal. New ideas, new concepts, and new products are always being introduced within our company to maintain innovation in R&D, manufacturing processes, and throughout the company.  



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